We are the Whitmore Family!

Hi! We are the traveling Whitmore’s! At the beginning of 2020 Chris’ job changed to a role that allowed him to work from home. We started tossing around the idea of living in an RV for a year and homeschooling the kids. Did we own an RV? No. Had we ever even traveled in one as a family? No. But, it still seemed like a good idea, so we rented one for a weekend in February. It went well and we continued to mull over the idea. Then, the pandemic hit. While we sat inside for months we made the decision that, yes, this is something that we could do as a family. We were already spending every moment together and it was going well. Why not take the home on the road and explore the beautiful country that we live in? So, that’s what we did. In May 2020 we bought a used Winnebago Vista 36B.

This is our Porchtrait at our home in Texas during the Pandemic Lockdown

We were immediately in love with our tiny house. We took a couple weekend test runs in late May/early June. We loved the time in the motorhome and were surprised that we seemed to “fit” into the smaller space. We started making lists of what we needed to have with us. We bought a few collapsible items 😂

We made the plan to try and hit 48 states in 48 weeks. We’ve been to many states as a family but we are starting the challenge anew. We also will try to visit as many of our National Parks as possible.

In June, we did a longer test run- 12 days. This was the big test. Could Chris work in the RV? Could I keep the kids away from him while he was working? Could the dogs be ok (we have two) living in the motorhome? Could we cook? Do laundry? Not kill each other? Most importantly, could we socially distance and keep our family safe?

It turns out that the answer to all the questions was yes. As we traveled through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama (crossing to the beach in Florida), and Louisiana we were able to see what we wanted to see, socially distance at the beach, hike with the pups, cook the food we wanted, get food to go or eat at restaurants on a patio, go grocery shopping, do laundry at the campgrounds, and Chris could work.

It wasn’t perfect but we thought we could make it work. We made lists as we went because there were many things we needed and had forgotten to bring. We had a great time exploring our southern neighbors. We realized that the traveling was a great learning experience for the kids. We were already discussing the Civil War, animals habitats and how to calculate gasoline mileage. We ended the twelve days thinking we should try a longer test run and we started making the plans for that.

Our next test is the trip was six weeks long. Better planning. Longer drives sometimes. We started in California visiting my family for two weeks. This was kind of cheating because we stayed with my brother and mom. Next, we were off to Montana/Wyoming/Idaho for a visit with Chris’ family to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary.

This is the background for our journey. We hope you will enjoy following our travels through the great United States of America!


We are a family of five with have two small-ish dogs. Why might you see six of us in pictures? Because our beautiful niece has decided to travel with us for the year- and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

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