Wishing I was ‘handy’


Husband, dad, driver of the RV, AM walker of the dogs

Time for an oil change

I really wish I was handier. I try, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. The picture above represents the latest issue that we have had during the RV adventure. We could wax poetic on how romantic it is to have left our conventional life, but that would not be realistic as when you drive a home on wheels – stuff moves and breaks. The latest was the generator kept shutting down when we tried to start it up. When we first started, I would have likely panicked and started sweating profusely (partially because we have been in hotter places than northern Minnesota).

The first thing I had to figure out was how to actually access the generator. Its silly, but the YouTube videos skip things like “how to take of the cover”. Once I messed around and was able to get at it – sure enough – oil wasn’t empty, but it was dark and it was not full. Sigh…

That’s when the work begins. I’d go through all of the steps and how I had to talk to the Fram guy about oil filters while sitting in the automotive aisle in Walmart, to the miracle of finally finding the right filter at the Napa store, to finding a place to wash my hands in order to get rid of the massive amount of oil covering them. But I get frustrated just reliving the experience.

Something happens every day to disrupt perfection. I know this from my professional life and I am learning how to better adapt that same mindset to our new lifestyle.

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